[VOZ ICO REVIEW] AERGO Super Next Generation Blockchain 4.0

[VOZ ICO REVIEW] AERGO Super Next Generation Blockchain 4.0-Blockchain for Enterprise Combined with IT Platforms With Advanced Technology.

1. Overview:

The AERGO ICO is providing the AERGO token to raise funds for a separate, high-capacity blockchain platform that improves performance against older blockchains and data protection. The AERGO platform allows businesses and developers to easily design, build, and deploy their own blockbuster applications on the AerGo platform.

This platform provides the ability for developers to customize their blockchain and dApp on both allowed and unallowed strings. Developers can choose to deploy both public and private Chain or an integrated configuration.

As a next generation blockchain, AERGO aims to address the issues of advanced technology integration, software development, security, scalability and interoperability that exist in today’s blockchains.

AERGO seeks to be the first to offer features such as SQL, responsiveness and isomorphic programming. It will also introduce a new software stack that includes SQL, AERGO and Meteor. The goal is to provide a platform for developers to easily build and deploy dApps in the cloud with faster transaction speeds and lower operating costs.

In addition to a standalone protocol, AERGO includes a rich middleware that simplifies connectivity to legacy software.

2. General information

Website: https://aergo.io/
Whitepaper: https://aergo.io/paper/


3.General Project, Token Mertric

AERGO is the token platform support utility.

Token total: 500,000,000
Hardcap: $ 30,000,000
Token available for Token Sale: 30%

  •  ICO: Finished
    Token price: $ 0.20

AERGO Public TDE on October 01, 2018: https://medium.com/@philzamani/kicking-off-the-aergo-public-tde-e5d36d7e3290

  • In the campaign, 3,275 community members will be rewarded from $ 250 to $ 2,000 in the AERGO token. This program will distribute more than 50% of up to 3,000,000 US dollars in tokens allocated to our public TDE. The remaining allocated tokens will be awarded to geographically dispersed worldwide in a second program running in parallel.

4. Company:

The project is supported and developed by Blocko Inc. , a blockchain infrastructure provider founded in 2014 with operations in the United Kingdom, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Blocko Inc. An integrated IT and blockchain service company, responsible for most of AERGO’s development and project support. The company behind AERGO has four years of experience in the field of blockchain business and is contributing its core technology, Coinstack, to AERGO. Blockchain based software developed by Blocko is mainly used in Korea. Major credit card companies are using Blocko’s Coinstack software and serving millions of users with it.

Many people think that Blocko knows what businesses need, but the Ethereum Virtual Machine (which Coinstack relies on) is not compatible with existing business architecture. Blocko needs to create a public network to connect all of their clients’ own strings / applications to the public blockchain. AERGO was created to provide a completely new public blockchain network, so that developers can use more flexible and scalable.

AERGO will use Coinstack, a blockchain solution that was developed by Blocko, allowing users to share data with third parties in a safe and efficient manner and has been deployed to 25 million users worldwide. world.

Blocko works with a number of established companies including Cisco, Hyundai-Kia Motors, KRX Korea Exchange, IBM, Microsoft Azure, SK Telecom, Lotte Cards, Samsung SDS, LG CNS …

5. Technology:

The AerGo Blockchain aims to launch a product that will offer:

1. An advanced, easy-to-access solution for software developers

2. .. a blockchain cloud architecture that securely and quickly holds public and private chains

3. An open ecosystem for third parties and businesses that connect and interact with each other.

Aergo has three main components: Aergo Chain, Aergo Hub and Aergo Marketplace.

The Aergo Chain is a blockchain-based DPOS protocol, included in a public blockchains network, which can work with a variety of smart contracts and has SQL language, which allows for great acceptance among developers.

Blocko has supplied more than 20 enterprise customers with its own private blockchain
implementation “Coinstack.”1 Coinstack is based on a modified Bitcoin architecture and
Ethereum Virtual Machine executing smart contracts, bearing a close resemblance to QTUM2
and RSK.3 While Coinstack performed reasonably well for even larger-scale use-cases such as powering the authentication process for the entire customer-base of a credit card provider with millions of daily users, it also provided an insight into the Bitcoin protocol’s upper limit of performance and the Ethereum Virtual Machine’s incompatibility with the enterprise architecture and the developers behind them.
In order to better leverage the tool chain and the application architecture of Coinstack
supporting actual use-cases, Blocko started working on AERGOSQL and AERGO. AERGOSQL is an innovative, new smart contract engine capable of utilizing relational data model and developing smart contracts using tools and languages familiar to enterprise developers.. 

AERGO was created to overcome some of the shortcomings that Blocko is having: Blocko is working with businesses but needs the flexibility and specification to serve their needs.


AERGO Chain – a blockchain protocol designed to mitigate problems that prevent businesses from using unauthorized networks. This string will consist of a public network of blockchains managed by node providers. The AERGO series uses a joint authentication algorithm (DPoS).

AERGO Hub – a blockchain hosting service that acts as a public interface for building, testing, deploying and managing independent blockchains based on the AERGO Chain. The Hub includes tools and support services to support the development of protocols, such as a smart oracle, non-server DB and content delivery networks.

AERGO Marketplace – The AERGO marketplace aims to enable the sale and purchase of peer-to-peer assets. Examples of compute assets provided in the market will include storage capacity, computational power, and algorithms. The AERGO market will be accessible through the AERGO Hub public interface.

Aergo Hub connects applications to the Aergo chain. The dApp is stored in a hub (similar to a classic cloud web service). Aergo Hub offers various tools and services such as an intelligent oracle, non-serverless DB and CDN (content distribution network)

AERGO Marketplace

A peer market for software applications and computing resources such as storage, computing power, algorithms, content, etc.) for the AERGO Chain.

Third parties such as service providers and cloud infrastructure providers will be able to market their products and services to AERGO users. The market will be accessible via the public interface of the AERGO Hub.

This chart illustrates how AERGO Marketplace works:

AERGO MARKETPLACE​: a proposed one stop shop for software applications,
computing resources and other services optimized for AERGO Chain
● AERGO Marketplace software, computing and other services are intended to run on
or work with AERGO Chain as part the ecosystem that supports the AERGO Platform
● These partner services are accessed via the AERGO Hub public interface
● These services are intended to be managed via AERGO Horde


Aergo’s core architecture

DDs are used to manage metadata. Distributed Data Services (DDS) is a namespace managed by its DD. It contains information including public key, validity, roles, access to objects on blockchains. Therefore, today’s management systems are lacking in blockchains that will be confirmed when AERGO is present.

CONCLUSION: DPoS is a core consensus that depends on Distributed Directory because it requires the above DDS metadata to track so nodes can discover new blocks. What is the benefit? Developers can easily use different modular consoles to meet their immediate needs.

ArgoFS (Argo file storage class) can store large files. The Aergo button can store infinite masses of blocks and act as a giant supernode here. Enterprises now have infrastructure that can be scaled down to fit the huge resources they want to use.

Blockchain is currently not perfect for existing businesses because they lack control over features and development, meaning that the current blockchain lacks good throughput and scalability.

The private blockchains, though tried to match these needs, these also require a lot of infrastructure costs and lose the ability to grow at the speed of open source. With third-generation technologies, almost all public and private models are immature, many of the technologies lack the enterprise-level capabilities necessary to run real business applications.

AERGO is a fourth generation blockchain platform that is ready for businesses to take advantage of and expand both public and private blockchains as well as cloud architectures. It opens the new era of blockchain technology, where blockchain businesses can benefit from both public and private blockchain while still managing services and trading under different protocols.

6. Team

AERGO Team comes from Blocko. There are currently 10 core core technology engineers and 5 team members working on business development and marketing efforts. The parent company Blocko has 48 employees, about 70% of which are developers.

AERGO Board 

Phil Zamani – More than 20 years of experience in open source, cloud computing and blockchain. Currently Blocko’s COO. Previous positions include Head of Large Data Model and Global Business Cloud at Banco Santander; Senior Vice President of Cloud Business Unit at Deutsche Telekom; Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Internet Devices at Red Hat. He has also worked in various roles at other companies including Cygnus Solutions, Synopsys, Novell, Springsource (now Pivotal), and so on. Graduated with his MBA in Entrepreneurship at Warwick Business School in 2003.

Hun Young Park – More than 13 years of experience in developing databases and distributed systems with expertise in high-performance and large-scale software design. Currently, Blocko’s CTO and Blockchain Development Manager. Formerly a software engineer at TmaxData and senior software engineer at Tibero. A master’s degree in computer science at KAIST in 2005.

Roderik van der Graaf– More than 20 years of experience in private equity, venture capital and equity derivatives. Currently, the founder and managing partner of Lemniscap (a blockchain investment company) and an adviser to Blocko. Formerly CEO at Caldera Pacific and at KCP Capital. He has also worked in various roles in equity derivatives transactions at Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Rabobank, Bear Stearns, LIM Advisors and All Options. Obtained a Master of Information Technology degree from the University of London in 1997.

Won Kim: 9 years experience in relationship DBMS, 6 years of research and development of distributed systems, worked in Boston Univ. Specialization in Computer Science

Jane Lee: 7 years experience in strategic consulting at Accenture, specializing in digital conversion and technology commercialization, Cornell Univ. Hotel management

Alison Shim: 5 years experience in Strategic Consulting at Accenture, specializing in marketing and business development, University of New York. Economic research and communication

The project is supported by a number of leading VCs, including FBG Capital, GBIC and Lemniscap, Chainfund. Roderik van der Graaf, founder of Lemniscap, is a member of the Board of Directors and Vincent Zhou, founder of FBG Capital, is the adviser.

Among the AERGO advisors are Eddie Alleyn, Vincent Zhou, Djamel Souici, Julian Lenz, Joon-Hong Jake Kim, Sinhae Lee, Pierre F. Suhrcke and Riad Hartani. The mentors are primarily business people or are working for venture capital firms


The route is very short and clear. It marks a clear milestone for each of the project’s remarkable development phases.

Q3 2018 – Aergo Alpha series launched
Q4 2018 – Aergo Test Series
Q1 2019 – Launch of the main Aergo network
Q2 – Q4 2019 – Aergo and Market Center

8. Product and Development Opportunities:

Github & Tech: Aergo has a product called “Coinstack”. Coinstack is a blockchain for businesses with large customers: SK Telecom, Samsung SDS, Hyundai Capital, LG CNS, Lotte Card. CoinStack is the first step for Aergo to connect with Businesses and Developers.


The project was supported by Blocko, a company established so far that has provided 23 blockchain systems in production (for 20 companies) supporting more than 25 million users. Blocko is proposing to introduce AERGO to its existing customers so that the project can achieve rapid traction.
The strong team is balanced in terms of technical knowledge and business development.
There are many potential uses in many sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, healthcare, government and the internet of things.
Potential for other blockchain networks connected to AERGO.
WhitePaper Very long, extremely detailed and specific. Aergo describes very well how aergo is different from other blockchain, Even if you are not a tech savvy, you can still understand the aergo whitepaper.


Weaknesses and threats

AERGO is specifically targeting the blockchain space of the business. Bring real benefits to developers and businesses. AeroGo is facing huge competitors as it conducts Blockchain closer to life. real. It should be noted that the EEA has many large corporations as members, including Microsoft, BP and UBS. In addition to the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, other important blockchain platforms, such as IOTA or VeChain, Qtum, Icon, Seele, have formed significant alliances with businesses. This could hinder AerGo’s market expansion.

                                               OUR RATING.                                                                                  


This project is excellent, based on the experience of the group in creating Blocko, has been used by more than 20 leading Korean companies to provide distributed services, With more than 25m users. AerGo is Blocko’s next move to bring blockchain closer to real life, bringing great benefits for developers and businesses alike. As a new Blockchain, Aergo is improving the old Blockchain weaknesses: Scalability, Security, Data Security. AERGO is a fourth generation blockchain platform that is ready for businesses to take advantage of and expand both public and private blockchains as well as cloud architectures. It opens the new era of blockchain technology, where blockchain businesses can benefit from both public and private blockchain while still managing services and trading under different protocols.
Big Idea, Good Technology, Strong Team, Real Community, Good Token Metric … Aergo To The Moon.

A Great Project To Invest In … Aergo Will Make Something Really Awesome. I believe it is.

Article Based on Personal Perspective, Not An Investment Advice.

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